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Professor Josh White has been featured in numerous leading newspapers, television, and radio press outlets for his expert insights and interviews. This webpage provides a concise summary of Joshua T. White’s commentary in specific fields, such as corporate finance and governance, cryptocurrency regulation, and retail investors.

Joshua T. White has been interviewed or quote by the following news organizations:

Quotes or Commentary: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg News, CNBC, CNN, Washington Post, Reuters, BBC News, ABC News, NBC News, AP News, Barron’s, MarketWatch, Vox, The Verge, The Guardian, U.S. News & World Report, Fox Business, Business Insider, Morning Brew, Fortune, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, The Daily Beast, TIME, Investopedia, Motley Fool, InvestorPlace, iNEWS, Tech.Co, TechCrunch, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, Law360,,, The Crime Report, The Millennial Source, CQ Roll Call, Hamodia, Voice of America, CGTN, The Tennessean, Agence France Presse, Tagesschau, The National Desk, Yahoo Finance, Quartz

Broadcast Interviews: NPR, CNBC World, Bloomberg Radio, Texas Public Radio, Wisconsin Public Radio, CGTN America, W Radio, Así Amaneció, NewsChannel 5 Nashville, Fox 26 Houston

A complete list of media interviews is here. Select broadcast interviews by Professor Joshua White are below and are grouped around the medium of television interviews and radio interviews

Television Interviews

  • CNBC: What’s happening at OpenAI is a ‘governance failure,’ finance professor says, Capital Connections, 11/21/23
  • Fox 26 Houston: Elon Musk changes Twitter to X, Houston’s Morning Show, 7/26/23
  • CGTN America: Tech turmoil, The Heat, 11/29/22
  • CNBC: Musk offers to proceed with original bid for Twitter, Capital Connections, 10/4/22
  • CNBC: Musk addresses Twitter staff, Capital Connections, 6/17/22
  • NewsChannel 5: Cryptocurrencies and digital assets regulation, MorningLine, 6/13/22
  • CNBC: Musk seeking extra financing to fund $44 billion Twitter deal, Capital Connections, 5/26/22
  • CNBC: Can Twitter find a white knight to fend off Elon Musk?, Capital Connections, 4/19/22
  • NewsChannel 5: What are non fungible tokens or NFTs?, MorningLine, 2/22/22
  • CNBC: Meme stocks continue to gather momentum, Capital Connections, 8/9/21

Radio Interviews

  • NPR: Twitter’s new logo is an X. Musk says it’s part of the transition to everything app, All Things Considered, 7/24/23
  • Así Amaneció: The global implications of the US banking crisis, Ecuador, 3/17/23
  • Bloomberg Radio: How will Elon Musk finance the acquisition of Twitter, Balance of Power, 10/5/22
  • Así Amaneció: What do Elon Musk and Twitter mean for financial markets, Ecuador, 5/16/22
  • W Radio: Elon Musk is going to transform Twitter according to his vision, La W Radio-Colombia, 4/26/22 
  • Texas Public Radio: Rackspace tries to stem stock woes with $75M buyback, Texas Public Radio, 3/7/22
  • Wisconsin Public Radio: Why non-fungible tokens are gaining popularity, Central Time, 1/12/22

Select Media Quotations

Select media quotations by Professor Josh White are below and are grouped around three themes: corporate finance and governance; crypto, blockchain, and fintech; and retail investors.

Corporate Finance and Governance

  • The Tennessean: Just days after Spring Hill walks out, GM and union reach tentative agreement, 10/30/23
  • The Tennessean: UAW strike: What Spring Hill GM workers say they’re fighting for, 10/29/23
  • Inc. Magazine: Flexport to layoff up to 30% of its workforce as it feels the crush of hypergrowth, 10/6/23
  • The Tennessean: The South — and its batteries — looms over the autoworkers strike, 10/6/23
  • The Tennessean: Spring Hill’s GM UAW ready to strike for better wages, insurance, 9/22/23
  • The Tennessean: Spring Hill United Auto Workers braced to strike; ‘I pray GM does what’s right’ 9/18/23
  • The Tennessean: Nashville-based Yellow Corp. files bankruptcy, blames Teamsters union for sabotage 8/7/23
  • Yahoo Finance: Elon Musk gives ‘the middle finger’ in Twitter’s X rebrand, 7/26/23
  • CNN: Twitter’s rebrand is the next stage in Elon Musk’s vision for the company, 7/25/23
  • Bloomberg News: Twitter Turning Into X Is Set to Kill Billions in Brand Value, 7/24/23
  • Tagesschau: The Bird has Flown, 7/24/23
  • Wall Street Journal: Where Musk’s Twitter gambit stands, nearly five months in, 3/8/23
  • CNBC: Elon Musk-led Twitter has been sued by at least six companies for failing to pay bills, 2/24/23
  • Guardian: Jury sides with Elon Musk over 2018 tweets claiming he would take Tesla private, 2/3/23
  • Barron’s: Google will reduce executive bonuses as it lays off staff, 1/24/23
  • Agence France Presse: “Elon Musk lied”: start of the trial on tweets from the boss of Tesla, 1/18/23
  • Washington Post: Microsoft layoffs suggest broader pain to come for the economy, 1/18/23
  • AP News: Job cuts in tech sector spread, Microsoft lays off 10,000, 1/18/23
  • Reuters: Salesforce to cut 10% of workforce in latest tech layoffs, 1/4/23
  • CNBC: Elon Musk tries to explain why Tesla shares are tanking, 12/20/22
  • Washington Post: Amazon starts widespread layoffs in its corporate ranks, 11/15/22
  • New York Times: Elon Musk’s renewed Twitter bid puts pressure on Wall St. banks backing him, 10/5/22
  • CNN: In major reversal, Elon Musk again proposes buying the Twitter at full price, 10/4/22
  • Reuters: Chipmaker Broadcom to buy VMware in $61 bln deal, 5/26/22
  • CNN: Elon Musk says his deal to buy Twitter is on hold, 5/13/22
  • BBC News: Twitter’s board readies against hostile takeover, 4/15/22
  • CNBC: Rivian customers who pre-ordered electric SUVs and trucks made millions from IPO pop, 11/10/21
  • New York Times: Robinhood’s shares fall in public trading debut, 7/29/21
  • Bloomberg News: Robinhood banks on its traders’ allegiance in IPO like no other, 7/28/21

Crypto, Blockchain, and Fintech

  • The National Desk: Another crypto titan facing jail time, once again raising questions about the future of the industry, 11/27/23
  • The Verge: Who gets to regulate crypto, anyway?, 6/15/23
  • The National Desk: SEC targets two biggest crypto exchanges in lawsuits that could alter industry, 6/7/23
  • The National Desk: House grills SEC leader on crypto enforcement with path to legislation still in doubt, 4/19/23
  • The Millennial Source: Coinbase files a lawsuit against the SEC over its rulemaking petition response – or lack of one, 4/26/23
  • Reuters: Analysis: Coinbase, SEC on collision course for ‘existential’ clash over crypto industry, 3/24/23
  • The Daily Beast: Bitcoin bros can’t stop gloating about the bank crisis, 3/21/23
  • The National Desk: SEC continues its crackdown against cryptocurrency industry, 2/10/23
  • Fast Company: Think crypto winter was bad? The SEC’s insider-trading fight could collapse the entire market, 1/31/23
  • The Crime Report: Arguments Continue In Landmark Cryptocurrency Regulation Case SEC v. Ripple, 1/18/23
  • Hamodia: FTX – Opening the Crypt, 12/28/22
  • The National Desk: Arrest of former FTX CEO the latest twist in company’s dramatic collapse, 12/13/22
  • The National Desk: Congress rushes to investigate, regulate cryptocurrency after collapse of FTX, 12/1/22
  • TIME: Stablecoins might be the first cryptocurrency to get regulated in the U.S., 4/11/22
  • TIME: 4 things you can do to prepare your crypto investment for future regulation, 3/22/22
  • ABC News: Not just for artwork, NFTs are being used by political candidates to raise money, 1/26/22
  • CQ Roll Call: Nonfungible tokens the new fad for campaign fundraising, 1/4/22
  • CQ Roll Call: Digital art frenzy raises questions for tax, law enforcement, 4/13/21
  • The Tennessean: Nashville real estate snatched up by cryptocurrency and crowdfunded ventures, 8/1/18
  • Quartz: Crypto traders may not care about market manipulation, but governments do, 4/27/18
  • Quartz: The uncomfortable parallels between ICOs and the ‘penny stock’ underworld, 10/31/17

Retail Investors

  • The Verge: Welcome to the stonk market: Is finance just another meme? The Verge, 11/1/21
  • Business Insider: Penny stock trading volume hits record $548 billion as retail investors pour into market, 10/4/21
  • Quartz: The new wave of retail traders is younger, less white, and less male, 3/24/21
  • ABC News: GameStop timeline: A closer look at the saga that upended Wall Street, ABC News, 2/5/21
  • CNN: GameStop stock is plummeting but the Reddit rebellion is just beginning, CNN, 2/2/21
  • ABC News: Silver surges, AMC ticks up, GameStop falls as retail investors shake up markets, 2/1/21
  • MarketWatch: Two young Robinhood traders surf the GameStop wave—but not without some regrets, 2/1/21
  • Quartz: The GameStop trade needed short-sellers to work—and so do markets, 1/29/21

Media Citations of Research

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